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Internal doors with lines or grooves and a variety of coloured inlays can add interest and detail yet retain a simplicity often associated with flush doors. This range of contemporary internal doors with their fine routed grooves can add to a sleek linear design. The aluminium inlays that sit flush with the surface of the door or coloured inlays in the grooves will add tone and enhance the door styling. Our range of Lines and Inlay doors vary from our striking model 50Z33 in Azabache Stain to the simpler yet still impressive design of the model K09 shown here in Angora. Choosing from a vast range of styles and wood species can be quite daunting so do contact us to help guide you through the many options available.


Door options

This is a small example of the doors we can provide for you. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to guide you through some of the options available.

Finish Options

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Door Detailing Options

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Complete Door Sets

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Bespoke Door Sizes

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Fire Doors

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Glazed Doors

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Pocket and Sliding Doors

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